At Square One Legal we practice consumer foreclosure defense and bankruptcy law exclusively. Our mission is to ALWAYS, without exception, do the right thing for our clients.

There’s a lot of care and thought in evaluating your financial situation as well as taking into consideration your personal circumstances. It is our #1 goal to help you make an informed decision about a plan of action that makes the most sense for you and your family.

Each client’s situation is different. The services we provide are:

Foreclosure Defense
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Debt Relief & Debt Settlement

In your research, you’ll find that nearly all consumer bankruptcy law firms promise to do great things for their clients such as get rid of their debts, treat them with respect, make the process super easy, etc. In a perfect world, that would be true, but we encourage you to read the truth about bankruptcy and why we provide greater value to our clients.

What Should You Do?

When in doubt, call our office to schedule a FREE attorney consultation. If you already met with another attorney, call our office, you may be surprised to learn we offer you much greater savings. Finally, be sure to call our office if you face any of the following situations:

  1. It will take longer than a year to pay off your current credit cards and personal loans.
  2. You are facing garnishment.
  3. You are behind on your mortgage payments and/or facing foreclosure.
  4. You are behind on your car payments and/or your car was repossessed.
  5. You owe more than $10K in taxes.
  6. Your student loans are in default or you don’t qualify for an income-based repayment plan and are struggling to keep up with your monthly payments.