At Square One Legal, it is our mission to look after our customers with an emphasis on humanity.

The major inspiration for establishing our firm was the realization that our extensive knowledge and experience can help people find the light at the end of the tunnel. Facing the concepts of bankruptcy, debt or foreclosure can be extremely difficult, not just financially, but emotionally too. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and focus on providing them with the optimal resolutions as well as the personal approach and care that is so important during such a challenging time of their lives.

With every case we take, we do our best to positively impact our clients’ journey and results. We are extremely honoured to continuously receive strong messages of encouragement and acknowledgment from our clients.

Below are a few testimonials we are humbled to have received.

Ryan Chang

“He was very professional helpful and inexpensive. He made this very stressful situation uncomplicated.”

Ruley Rourke

“Every step of the process was quick and straightforward. From the initial inquiry, having zero knowledge of bankruptcy, to the final discharge of all my debt, Ofir Raviv consistently made it clear that he was there to assist in any way necessary to achieve the best results. If you have any doubts about going through with filing, don’t. It was the best financial decision I have ever made, and it was made possible by Square One Legal.”

Michelle Morton

“If you are in need of a good and caring bankruptcy attorney not someone who only sees you as a dollar sign then Ofir Raviv is your man. He will help you through a hard situation. Highly recommend.”


“Square One Legal is the best bankruptcy law firm in the state. They genuinely care for you & help you through one of the worst times of your life. They are professional & thorough & kind. I even got money back. Give them a call & allow them to help you too!”

Virginia Vitug

“My representative, Mr. Ofir was exceptionally professional and uplifted all my worries, physically and mentally. I appreciate his services-bankruptcy case. I would recommend anyone for his services. God bless you.”

Richard Anderson

“Really the best experience I could have with an attorney. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Jaime Moore

“My lawyer, Mr. Ofir Raviv, is professional, thorough, trustworthy, and sincere. I highly recommend him, his assistant Aja Kop, and his entire team at Square One Legal. Thumbs up and a solid A+. Thank you!”

Jonni Brannon

“I found myself in a legal dispute I did not understand and, just by chance, I was given Ofir Raviv’s phone number. I received an immediate response to my first call and he handled all legal aspects for a very reasonable fee. I give him my highest recommendation.”

Anita M Kabua

“I was referred to Square One Legal by VLSH when I was facing a challenging financial situation. And this is how it all started. (To me:) this is a reminder e-mail for your 11/3/18 clinic appt. @ 10:30 am at the Waianae High School Cafeteria. Please bring all collection letters, contracts, or other related docs. to your case -VLSH Intake Team.

I was introduced to Attorney Raviv and would be meeting him for the first time for my Bankruptcy Chapter 7 case. I already had a court case filed. At this free legal advice clinic, I filled out paper work, and I answered questions honestly, followed all instructions, and provided All paper work that was required.

Attorney Raviv listened carefully to all details. In progress, he took me step by step through the process and helped me to answer the questions by explaining exactly what I need to fill out. I liked that I could email at any time and received an answer to question almost immediately. I wouldn’t have been able to file. Evidently, I didn’t have money to file. I may proclaim, I got answers to my prayers. In the end, I received a tremendous debt relief services.

Attorney Raviv was with me all the way until the final stage when we faced the Bankruptcy Court Judge, when my case was finalized. I needed expert advice, and I was able to get it from Square One Legal, the one and only Attorney Raviv; and I felt as if he was holding my hand every step of the way. Now that I have the freedom, I would recommend the one who actually cares, Ofir Raviv-Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Attorney At Law.”

Donna Lyman

“The speed of service provided to me was excellent. Ofir was quick and professional in handling my case I would highly recommend anyone to look him up and utilize his services.”

Aiesha Macam

“Attorney Ofir have always been there for me, as a lawyer and also as a friend. I suffer from aniexty and depression.Attorney Ofir have never let me down.He goes beyond his measures to ensure me there’s a better outcome just trust the process.There should be more then 5stars.He deserves every stars turn to gold.A.M.”

Tara Williams

“Mr. Raviv has been an absolute blessing!! Filing bankruptcy is without a doubt one of, if not the most challenging, scary, anxiety inducing times that I have ever walked through. Without Mr. Raviv to help me navigate through this procedure I don’t know what I would’ve done. With him by my side (and I do mean every step of the way) I was able to get through this process knowledgeably, articulately, and with confidence. He answered my every question very timely with clarity and accuracy…. at times even giving me the information he knew I would need, without my having to ask for it. I’m pretty intuitive, I’ve learned to trust how I feel… and from the first moment we spoke I felt comfortable and safe with his advice.

Thank you Mr. Raviv. You are kind of my hero!”

Fatima Galiza

“Ofir made my experience easy and fast. He guided me every step of the way from the start to the end. It was effortless to communicate with him no matter what time of day Whether to talk to him, text, or email him. Making an appointment and meeting with him was also very flexible. He made sure it was according to my schedule. I enjoyed working with him, and I would do it again.”

Kiyoko Burns

“Let me just start by saying, Ofir has never given up on me. I filed for bankruptcy in late 2018. He gave me my interview over the phone and I qualified to get help. Fast forward a few months from that, he informed me that he’ll be moving into his own office early 2019 and when he was able to get more cases he would assist me. I live on the island of Kaua’i. Needless to say, I was a non believer of the whole process just due to the fact I’ve never done this before. Well, at the end of 2019 and through early 2020, he’s assisted me with all the paperwork, made everything very easy to understand over the phone and in person.

I’m forever grateful for his help! Thank you Ofir!”

Leaniva Saifoloi

“I was filling out some information about my loans and credit cards and I received a call from this company. A lady told me that one of their lawyers can consult with me about my student loans. A man named Ofir Raviv contacted me and was able to ask questions regarding my student loans and debts. I told him about me and my husband’s situation and he was able to help us out. He was very passionate about doing what is right for people and not greedy about money.

I highly recommend Ofir Raviv if you need help with debts, loans, bankruptcy and so forth.”

Sherrie Lameg

“Mr. Raviv is absolutely AMAZING ! From inquiring, then meeting with him, during the process and after the process was all so easy. This was my first time filing bankruptcy and it was scary for me because I had no knowledge about bankruptcy at all! I inquired with a couple of different attorneys prior to Mr. Raviv and it didn’t seem like they really cared about my situation, I felt like just another pay check to them.

When I came across Mr. Raviv he explained that I had different options which I didn’t know. He also explained two different types of bankruptcy, the pros and cons and the cost. I never felt rushed when speaking to him. When he told me the price for the whole process it was kind of a shock comparing it to the previous people I spoke to they were going to charge me an unreasonable price for my case. He always assured me that my case was easy and anytime I had doubts or questions he would ALWAYS respond reassuring that I would be fine, even if it was after office hours.

You won’t find anyone better! Thanks again Mr. Raviv!”

Maxwell Adams

“I highly recommend Ofir and his great team. They are professional and very nice and they help me with filing for bankruptcy and now I’m debt free.

I am so relieved, thank you so much Ofir.”

Kelly Zane

“Mr. Raviv assisted us With the utmost care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I was placed on furlough (and to date, still furloughed). After exhausting all forms of funds, including our savings, we found Mr. Raviv via his website to discuss a possible bankruptcy. His expressions describing himself were exactly as stated. Mr. Raviv’s genuine care alleviated our anxieties. We were comforted with his wind some words.

He diligently processed all documents in a timely manner and represented us professionally in all circles. Mr. Raviv battled one of financial institution’s deeds of removing funds from our mother’s account without her knowledge. They were attempting to obtain payments after we filed our bankruptcy, which was improper. Our mother’s funds were returned.

We highly recommend Mr. Raviv’s Law Firm, Square One Legal, for anyone who is going through challenging times. You will be truly pleased with the successful results. One more high note, Mr. Raviv’s, Client Relations Representative, Aja Kop played an integral role in handling our debt relief. You will appreciate both individuals when you choose Square One Legal.”